Simple ideas on how SMS marketing can work for you and your business

Simple ideas on how SMS marketing can work for you and your business

Here are just a few simple ideas to get you thinking about how SMS marketing can work for you and your business.

1. Send out a weekly text message tip.

A simple weekly “tip” keeps you in front of your prospects while providing value and paving the way for other types of messaging or promotions.

2. Send exclusive messages about unpublished sales.

Want to build exclusivity into your marketing? Promotions announced only via text messages are a great way to make your customers feel special and build excitement around your SMS marketing.

3. Send out text reminders for appointments.

If you’re a doctor, dentist, lawyer, stylist, or anyone who makes appointments (and relies upon people showing up to those appointments) SMS reminders are an excellent way to increase your appointment conversion rates.

4. Send out order confirmation or update messages.

Anytime your customers place an order or complete a new purchase, you can send a text message confirming the purchase and/or updating the customer on the order status.

5. Send out messages that interchange with your email marketing.

The reason text message SMS marketing is so effective is the majority of people keep their phone with them at all times. If you are sending out an important email soon you can send a SMS teaser to increase your email open and conversion rates.

6. Register for in store event

If you own a brick and mortar shop, and frequently hold in store events, use SMS marketing as a way to preregister. If you don’t hold events, and this doesn’t apply, then use SMS marketing to announce new product launches. Encourage subscribers to preorder a new product via text communication. Either way, you create a sense of urgency and exclusivity with this campaign, which always leads to high levels of interaction.

7. Text to vote

The customer’s wants and needs should always be your top priority. If you’re not selling something they want, then what’s the point? Use text message marketing to weigh in with them from time to time. Ask for their opinion on new products. Encourage them to comment on the helpfulness of your support staff. Take down their vote for brand direction and important changes. The more research you can gather, the better.

8. Like Us on Facebook

Always be sure to integrate your text marketing campaigns with social media. Marketing is about building a web of communication channels. Even though text message marketing is great, never solely rely on this one tactic. If you want your marketing messages to be heard, always communicate through several different mediums. By encouraging text subscribers to connect with you on social media, you build a lasting relationship with them, even if they unsubscribe from your list.

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