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ASMI™ (Automated SMS/MMS Intelligence™) There is Power in Text Messages.

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What is ASMI?

ASMI is a user friendly and highly intelligent mobile text message application that simplifies your marketing campaigns while reaching THOUSANDS of customers on their mobile devices with a touch of a button.

Take Group Messaging to the next level with communication that is more successful than e-mail marketing. The marketing campaigns you create are at your customer’s fingertips, or anywhere they bring their mobile device! Generate new business and manage your current clientele with instant communication.

Everything happens from your device, no third party services make streamlining your messages a breeze! Create automatic customized replies that respond to keywords or missed calls, all based on keywords or phrases that you create (Text us the word ‘deal’ for all of our current specials!).

The best part is: With ASMI you can fully automate your SMS/MMS Marketing WITHOUT ANY MONTHLY FEES!

Why use ASMI?

Use ASMI™ to build brand loyalty, engage your customers on their cell phones, and more! Sending SMS messages, coupons or promotions is an excellent way to maintain engagement from your opted-in audience. Build audience loyalty by notifying them about sales, access to events, product information, surveys or anything else you have to offer your customers.

Exclusive deals and offers your audience can’t find anywhere else will make your marketing feel less like an SMS list and more like a VIP list.

Did you know that 99% of all text messages are opened within the first five minutes of delivery? That open rate is undeniable and is the highest of any type of marketing you can perform. Start to grow your business with this extremely powerful tool all from your smartphone, today!

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SMS Marketing for the Retail Shops

In a retail setting, in-store promotions only work as well as the marketing behind them. If your customers don’t know about your promotion they obviosly cannot make a purchase! ASMI App allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your customers with a simple SMS message. People respond much quicker to text messages than any other form of communication.

SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Wouldn’t it be great if you could let your customers know about an un-advertised lunch special or a daily dinner promotion? Even more, what if you could include a picture of your newest cocktail or desert? Well with ASMI App you can!

SMS Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

Increase bar tabs and boost nightly patronage with SMS / MMS marketing. You can fire out drink specials, appetizer discounts, entertainment details and more. Keep your patrons frequenting your bar and cashing in on daily specials. ASMI App is just what you need to make that happen!

SMS Marketing for Gyms & Fitness Centers

Unless your members pay for an annual membership upfront they have the freedom to leave your gym anytime, especially if a better option presents itself. Lower your membership cancellation rates by firing out regular text marketing offers and incentives. For example, a gym can use SMS marketing to promote seasonal offers, encourage one on one training, run text to win contests, and more.

SMS marketing for Event & Party promoters

A party isn’t a party without party-goers! Use SMS alerts to advertise your events and send out reminders. Because people carry their phones on them at all times, they are much more likely to see and actually read the alerts. SMS sends information directly into someone’s pocket, unlike email which gets caught in spam filters or experiences lag times. The minute you know of a change, they’ll know the scoop.

Streamline your RSVP Process for Private Events: One of the biggest pains of throwing private events is relying on the RSVP process. Many times you find yourself in the situation where few people actually RSVP, but they all show up anyway. Do away with this inconvenience by simply having party-goers text in to RSVP.

SMS Marketing for Non Profit Organizations

When it comes to marketing for non profits, community support is essential. Keep potential donors and supporters in the know with our text message marketing service. If you’re marketing for fundraising at a local, regional, or national non profit organization, you know how important campaign support is. If you aren’t regularly drumming up awareness and spreading campaign messages, you’ll fall behind the curve. With ASMI App you can fire out event reminders, donation requests, monthly milestones, and more!

SMS Marketing for Churches & Ministries

Text messaging for churches & ministries raises the level of communication to your congregation in a powerful way. You can send inspirational messages, event notifications, donation requests, prayer requests, pictures and more!

SMS for Company Internal Communications

Streamline Internal Communications within your organization! Increase employee productivity while decreasing your organization’s communication expenses. With ASMI App you can do all this and more.

SMS for Groups, Family & Friends

Keep your family and friends in the know with a few clicks.